Refund Policy

Returns/Refunds can be dealt through the freelancer that worked on your project. Before the project is paid Client is obliged to study the technical assignment provided by agencies partners. If Client pays for the project he/she automatically confirms that the technical assignment is made according to his requests.
Client may get refund for any services however Agency charges a fee for cancellation of order. If Client requests refund before the agencies partner enters on a project, order cancellation will cost 5% (five percent) of the general cost of the project. The rest part (95% - ninty-five) will be returned. If Client requests refund after the Agencies personnel enters on a project, order cancellation will be calculated depending on the amount of work completed. Refunds may be requested from 7 days from date of purchase.

If Open Source Marketing LLC has sent partner(s) service funds, then refunds will need to be dealt with the partner(s) that accepted the project.


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