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Site Security

Our Site Security Packages Can Be Used With Any Server That Has Root Access, For Example Wordpress Hosts.
This Doesn't Include Sites Built With Shopify Which Are Hosted On Their Servers.

Also Feel Free To See Our Secure Web Packages

Start up Security

Smart Plus Scanner 
Provides basic informational or brochure websites with the protection needed to automatically protect the content they share with site visitors.

  • Free Set Up
  • Daily Automated Malware Scanning
  • Daily Automated Malware Removal
  • Daily Spam & Network Scanning
  • One Time XSS And SQL Vulnerability Scanning
  • Monthly Application Vulnerability Scanning
  • Security Reports
  • Daily Site Risk Score Analysis
  • Site Acceleration Due To Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Firewall Compatible w/SSL

  • $24.95/Month
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    Growing Security

    Smart Plus Scanner Premium WAF/CDN
    Automatically safeguards small to medium sized owner-operator businesses that use their website to drive phone calls, chats, leads or other activity designed to help grow their organization.

  • Everything From Start Up

  • Removal Of Existing Malware
  • Access To Team Of CyberSecurity Experts For More Complex Repairs
  • Blocks Bad Bots (Bad Traffic) At The Domain Level
  • Protects Against OWASP Top 10 (Most Popular Hacks)
  • Automatic Vulnerability Detection For CMS And Popular Plugins
  • Automatic Vulnerability Patching For CMS And Popular Plugins

  • $39.95/Month
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    Established Security

    Smart Plus Scanner + Enterprise WAF
    SecureConvert is designed for businesses that are investing money in driving traffic to their website, with the hope that traffic takes a conversion action such as a call, chat, form completion or purchase.

  • Everything From Start Up/Growing Plus

  • Firewall Compatible With EVSSL
  • Malware Detection In Databases
  • Malware Removal In Databases
  • DDoS Protection
  • $69.95/Month
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